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Diving Banda; Diving Diversity

The sheer diversity of dive experiences to be found is quite simply breath taking. There is no particular style of diving which dominates and a week excursion to the islands offers the opportunity to dive with large pelagics and tiny mandarin fish, or at current swept fish-filled sites and coral covered slopes and walls.
Huge Table corals
The fertile shores of these remote islands have been protected from all but natural interference. In 1988, the still active volcano Gunung Api's eruption covered some of the slopes beneath the water. The scars are still visible above the surface, but dip beneath the waterline to witness the spectacular hard coral gardens which have inhabited the seemingly barren rock. The magnificent table corals which have grown in the short time since the eruption are suggested to be the fastest growing in the word. This site is just a five minute cruise from the Spice Island Divers dive centre.
Mandarin Fish Heaven
Many divers search for the Mandarin fish and, as a result, dive destinations across the world claim to have incredible dives where Mandarin Fish are frequently seen. Banda Harbour is home to a site which eclipses most Mandarin dives in the world. Every evening without fail, amongst the rubble directly in front of the dive centre, a community of Mandarin fish appear at dusk to feed, frolic and perform their mating rituals. It is not uncommon to witness, photograph or video over one hundred individual specimens, with the larger males boldly protecting their females across the rocks at the shallow dive site.
Pelagic Species
For divers who enjoy the bigger marine life, Banda is a rare and prized destination. Pelagic species are abundant in Banda waters. Inquisitive oversize tuna patrol the blue and hammerhead sharks, marble rays, mobular rays and other large species will often join divers for some time, intrigued by their presence.
The nutrient rich waters also seems to affect the size of creatures dwelling amongst the coral, with very large specimens of honey comb moray eels, snapper, grouper and napoleon wrasse frequently sighted.
The fertile waters of Banda are teeming with schooling fish. Surgeonfish, bannerfish, jacks, barracuda, even schooling sharks and mobula rays are frequently witnessed on the outer islands, a mesmerizing array of life, where divers can observe the food chain in full swing.
Diving Banda with Spice Island Divers


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