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Salamun - Tanjung Burang
Is situated at the northern tip of Banda Besar (Lonthoir Island), off Burang Cape. It only takes a few minutes to reach this site by boat.Take a public or chartered boat transportation. If you leave from Naira harbour, you will sail between Naira and the Volcano Islands, along a narrow passage southwards to the Zonnegat Strait, between Naira Island and Lonthoir Island. During your voyage to Tanjung Burang, you will see on one side of the strait, the Belgica Fortress (on the hill) and the VOC Mansion on Naira island, and on the other side, the well-hidden ruins of Fort Hollandia on Lonthoir island. This dive spot is known for its gorgeous sessile organisms, such as gorgonis, sponges, crincid, ferns, and many others, which are at the depth of 30 metres under the crystal-clear blue surface of the Banda Sea. The site is only some 65 metres from the shoreline with a slope of appr. 70 to 80.
Batu Kapal
Batu Kapal is situated at the entrance to Naira Island, between the Volcano and Naira Island, if you are entering the Banda Islands from the north. This is a tiny uninhabited rocky coral islet.
One can get there via a chartered motor-boat, going north between Naira and the Volcano from Tanjung Burang. The physical topography underwater varies. There are two steep drop-offs comprising inner and outer slope zones in the south western part of the Islet. Between these zones there is a ledge some 55 metres from the shoreline. Sessile organisms mainly comprising gorgonia, sponges, current string, and black coral reefs dominate the 40-50 slope of the inner wall and the 80-90 slope of the outer wall.
Ay Island
This is a tiny islet between the volcano and Run islets. You'll pass this islet if you travel to Run. Certain parts of the shoreline have beautiful white sandy beaches. Cup-shaped sponges, coral trees, ferns, etc are located off the drop­off. A nice spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.
Run Island
The underwater world of Run Islet is an ideal spot for snorkellers, professional as well as amateur divers or just hobbyists. A very exciting array of marine life on the ledge between the lagoon and the drop-off invites the divers to experience the natural underwater world of this spot. A lush carpet of living organisms not found anywhere else awaits the divers.
One may take a public boat from Ay. There is no public boat from Naira to Run, so one must hire a boat from Naira.
Nailaka Island
Nailaka is situated at the northern most tip of Run Islet. To get to this spot, you have to rent a boat from Naira. This Islet has a beautiful white sandy beach. This is the place in the Banda Islands for recreation, fin swimming, snorkeling and diving. The reef organisms cling to the steep wall and one can see the huge colourful gorgonia fans. An ideal spot for scenic divers and underwater photo­graphers.
Hatta Island
Hatta is situated just on the other side of Lonthoir Island. Lonthoir, Naira, and the Volcano islet are located between Ay and
Hatta islets. Around this islet there are living corals, and white sandy beaches.
Skaru (Hatta Islet)
Saaru is the Ambonese term for reef. This Saaru referred to the reef of Hatta Islet as one is heading south east from Banda Besar. There are various corals with exotic views of a steep underwater wall for scuba divers and snorkellers.

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